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Welcome to the Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit, the premier one-day event for real estate investors seeking to learn about the latest opportunities and strategies in the industry. Taking place in Los Angeles, California, on October 19-20, 2023, this summit will provide attendees with unparalleled insights and networking opportunities.

Hosted by two respected names in real estate investing, Bronson Hill and Steffany Boldrini, this summit is an exclusive opportunity to learn from seasoned experts who have successfully navigated the highs and lows of the industry.


Why Attend the Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit?

  • The Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit will provide attendees with insights into the latest strategies and investment opportunities in the real estate industry. You will learn from experienced investors who have successfully identified and capitalized on new opportunities, helping you to stay ahead of the curve and make informed investment decisions.
  •  In addition to our two seasoned real estate hosts, Bronson Hill and Steffany Boldrini, the Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit features a lineup of other highly experienced speakers who will share their insights and strategies, giving you a unique opportunity to learn from a diverse group of professionals with a track record of success. 
  • The wealthiest people in the world generally have 50% of their portfolio in alternative assets. Diversification is important because it reduces risks, maximizes returns, and it helps you protect your investment capital by spreading your risk across multiple assets. By investing in assets that have a low correlation with each other, you can also reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio. You will learn about strategies such as private equity, crowdfunding, syndication, and oil and gas, and discover how they can fit into your investment goals.
  • Effective tax planning is an essential component of successful real estate investing. At the Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit, you’ll learn from tax experts who will provide insights into how to minimize your tax liability and maximize your profits. This knowledge can save you thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands!) and help you achieve your investment goals more quickly.
  • The summit will provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with fellow investors and industry professionals. You will be able to build relationships with like-minded individuals, share your experiences and insights, and develop partnerships that can help you achieve your investment goals. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your network and take your real estate investing to the next level.



Real Estate Investors
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It's hard to find reliable people to invest with. Bronson always had great guests and the show is filled with great nuggets of info. It has really helped my investment decisions this year.
D. Hudgins
Your read our minds!! No one talks about specific tax benefits we can take advantage of for different kinds of commercial real estate investing. This is a brilliant topic to explore and share.
Bruce Eaton
Real Estate Investor



David is the host of the BiggerPockets podcast and a nationally renowned author/agent/speaker/ and real estate investor in the San Francisco Bay Area. David started by purchasing rental property in 2009 and eventually moved on to buy property all over the country. He was featured on several podcasts, wrote his first book (Long Distance Investing) and was featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters.” David now owns a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio & multiple cash-flowing companies.
Mark moss
Mark has been a full-time investor and entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has been through multiple market crashes, he built multiple 7 and 8 figure business and investment portfolios, through the worst market cycles. He learned importance of asset allocation after losing everything in the 2008 financial crash. Moss’ main outlet for speaking and teaching is his YouTube Channel: Market Disruptors, since then, the channel has attracted over 20 million views.

neal bawa

Neal is a technologist who is universally known in the real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily. Besides being one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, Neal is a data guru, and an outsourcing expert. Neal treats his $1+ billion-dollar multifamily portfolio as an ongoing experiment in efficiency and optimization.. His first mantra is that: We can only manage what we can measure. His second mantra is that: Data beats gut feel by a million miles.

Beth Azor, "The Canvassing Queen"

Beth is the founder and principal of Azor Advisory Services, she has been in the Commercial Real Estate Industry since 1986. She founded Azor Advisory Services in 2004 to invest in her own properties and provide consulting and training to industry leaders such as Kimco Corporation, Cushman & Wakefield, Brixmor Properties, Equity One, The Shopping Center Group, Phillips Edison, and DLC Management Group. Azor now owns and manages a $79,000,000 portfolio of commercial retail properties in southeast Florida.

Feras Moussa

Feras is an entrepreneur at heart with a tech background. Feras quit Microsoft to ‘bring tech to industries that lack it’, where he later found his passion for real estate. Feras quickly built a portfolio of rentals, completing 9 closings in his first 12 months. After having seen the results of rentals, Feras later decided to scale up into apartment complexes, where he started Disrupt Equity, a company focused on multi-family acquisition and investments for investors. To date, Disrupt Equity has acquired more than 3,000 units and over $250 million in assets.


Tom Wilson started building his portfolio in the 70s alongside a career in Silicon Valley's tech industry. With over 30 years of experience, he transitioned to full-time real estate investing, amassing over 4,000 units and $500 million in real estate transactions. Wilson founded Wilson Investment Properties, offering high cash flow residential properties and commercial syndications. He's a respected speaker and mentor to new investors and hosts the Real Estate Radio Power Investing show, as well as Bay Area Commercial & Multifamily Investment Club (BACOMM), an educational platform for investors of all levels.

Jeremy Roll

Jeremy is the Founder and President of Roll Investment Group, he is an Advisor for Realty Mogul, the largest real estate crowdfunding website in the US. He started investing in real estate and businesses in 2002 and left the corporate world in 2007 to become a full-time passive cashflow investor. Jeremy manages a group of over 1,000 investors who seek passive/managed cash flowing investments in real estate and business. He has built his entire 16-year career around passive investing and has more than $1 Billion worth of real estate and business assets.
Christina Suter
Christina is the founder and CEO of Ground Level Consulting, she is recognized for her leadership skills and is a serial small business owner and real estate investor. She founded FIBI Pasadena with over 3,500 members. She has spoken at top industry events including the Think Realty Conference and Expo and the Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference. With 35 years of experience and over 40 million dollars purchased in real estate, Christina has acquired and sold 350 doors in California, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, and Hawaii.

Omar Khan

Omar is a Financial Strategist, Founder & Managing Partner at Boardwalk Wealth. He has 10 years of investing experience in real estate and commodities. Omar has advised on $3.7 billion in capital financing and M&A transactions, as well as securing $50+ million in equity from private and institutional capital. In his career, he has closed on over $250 million of assets across TX, GA, FL, and SD. Omar is now developing the next generation of multifamily, self storage, and mobile home park underwriting software.
Mauricio Rauld
Mauricio is a highly regarded attorney with 22+ years of securities experience. He specializes in real estate syndication compliance and is a top attorney in the field. He's been featured in Top 100 Magazine and recognized by Super Lawyers. Mauricio educates real estate investors on legal aspects and advises prominent figures like Ken McElroy, Robert Helms, and Brandon Turner. He's a UC Berkeley graduate based in Southern California with his wife and two children.

Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan, founder of SuGo Capital, connects investors to passive income opportunities. With a background in business, analytics, and cybersecurity, she identifies real estate prospects in emerging US markets. Sarah hosts financial education programs, including the Confident Investor Conference and The Confident Investor Series. SuGo Capital holds $810MM in assets with a 33% ARR track record. Outside work, she enjoys family time and aerial arts.

Ken McElroy

Ken has lived and breathed multi-family real estate for his entire adult life. Together with his real estate investment company, MC Companies, Ken has transacted over $1 billion in real estate. He is the author of the best-selling books The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, The ABC’s of Property Management, and most recently his book on entrepreneurship, The Sleeping Giant.
join us in Los Angeles for a day of learning, networking, and growth

At the Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit, you will have the opportunity to learn from Bronson, Steffany, and other industry experts about the latest investment strategies, tax planning, and alternative investment opportunities. You will also have the chance to network with fellow investors and build lifetime relationships that can help you achieve your real estate investing goals.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to take your real estate investing knowledge and strategy to the next level. Register now for the Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit and join us in Los Angeles for a day of learning, networking, and growth!



Thursday, October 19th, 6:30pm 

VIP and Speaker Mixer at the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles (Snacks + Drinks)


Friday, October 20th

7:30-8:30am: Registration
8:30–8:45am: Opening Remarks
8:45-9:15am: Feras Moussa "Multi Family Operations & Risk Management"
9:15–10:00am: Real Estate Panel
10:00–10:30am: Tom Wilson "Lessons Learned From 6 Decades of Investing"
10:30–11:00am: Break
11:00–11:30am: Ken McElroy "Advanced Investing Strategies & Pearls of Wisdom During Downturns"
11:30–11:45pm: Mauricio Rauld "How to Stay Out of Jail as a Syndicator"
Kingdom REI “The Real Estate Community for Christian Professionals”
12:00–1:00pm: Lunch
1:15–1:45pm: David Greene "Proven Ways to Get Started in Real Estate & Scaling Your Investments"
1:45–2:15pm: Neal Bawa "Implementing AI in Your Investing Strategy"
2:15–3:00pm: Alternative Asset Panel
3:00–3:30pm: Break
3:30–4:15pm: Economics Panel
4:15–5:00pm: Steff & Bronson 
5:00–5:30pm: Mark Moss: Preparing for the Recession & "The Deal Box Strategy"
5:30–6:00pm: Wrap up - Bronson & Steff 
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Cash Bar)


As the Managing Member of Bronson Equity, Bronson is a general partner in 2000 multifamily units worth over $200M. Bronson co-leads a large in person multifamily meetup in Pasadena, CA called FIBI Pasadena Multifamily. Bronson is the host of The Mailbox Money Show and he understands the investor mindset, having spoken individually over the phone with over 1300 investors and having raised over $30M for real estate and his ATM Machine Fund deals. Bronson is the author How to Use Inflation to Your Advantage and is a regular contributor to YouTube and his blog. Bronson is the Capital Raising Coach at Kingdom REI, a faith based group, helping investors find deals and raise funds for large real estate deals.
Steffany Boldrini is the Principal of Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, a seasoned real estate professional with a focus on self storage investing. For the past five years, Boldrini has developed an extensive experience in commercial real estate investing. She has a track record of double-digit cash on cash returns in a range of commercial properties. Her podcast, Commercial Real Estate Investing from A-Z is a leader in the space, recently named one of the best Commercial Real Estate Investing podcasts by Business Insider. Steffany is dedicated to incorporating technology in her investments, she believes that the use of technology can not only improve efficiency, but also drive revenue and decrease expenses.


Our event is on October 19th and 20th at the Sheraton Gateway LAX in Los Angeles. VIP ticket holders will have a VIP Mixer to network with speakers and other VIPs in attendance on October 19th starting at 6pm.

A VIP Mixer with Speakers and other VIPs in attendance on Thursday Night, as well as better seating and a swag bag.

While there won’t be a live streaming option, all sessions will be recorded, and you will get access to the recordings. General Admission tickets provide you with the flexibility to attend the event in person or watch the recording later. So, even if your schedule changes, you can still participate in the event in whichever way is most convenient for you.

We suggest business casual.

We have a limited number of VIP tickets, we encourage you to upgrade now if you’d like to network with the speakers and other VIP ticket holders.

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